How expensive is to set a garden in a restaurant?

How expensive is to set a garden in a restaurant?

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I am planning for a garden-project in my restaurant. I had searched for several garden accessories in Mississauga ( ,but I don't know how expensive it is. I am planning a small garden, but it should be attractive. I need garden plants and corresponding accessories that make the area attractive. I need to include some plants which attracts the customers. The accessories should be eco-friendly. I also need some watering techniques. Can anyone suggest me some better services in Mississauga?
Nearby the parking area, there is a small garden area. If I set a garden with better accessories, it will be a visual treat to my customers. I am also planning to fix some desk plants on the tables. Can you suggest some desk plants too? I don't have a large area in front of my restaurant. Still, I believe I can make a small beautiful garden.

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How is your garden now? if possible post some pictures for us.

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