Afraid of raccoons

Afraid of raccoons

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Hi there,
We have shifted our home to the Toronto. In every morning, I see a fresh pile of poop under the tree. The poop is dark and tubular and has a pungent odor. I doubt it is a raccoon. I heard that raccoon poop causes infectious diseases. It is very difficult to clean out the poops. I use white vinegar and bleach for cleaning and disinfecting the poop. Can you share some easy tips for disinfecting the poop? I am growing many expensive plants and vegetables in my garden and I am afraid that it will destroy my garden. So I am thinking to install home alarm security system, Toronto to monitors and alarms ( if someone has entered. I have heard about a security drone which flies around the house and detects the invaders and captures it. I am interested in it but have no idea about the cost. Has anyone come across such drones? How much would it cost?

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Raccoons are one of the most frustrating animals to deal with and one of the most difficult to get rid of. I have no idea about drones but have tried other ways to get rid of the raccoons. Raccoon traps are the best or if it becomes difficult to control them it is best to hire the professional pest control services for the help.
Thanks for the information.

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