Asked by Bobby Bensy on Saturday, January 30
I'm putting a new vegetable garden in and I was wondering what type of dirt to use. I've heard that plain topsoil is fine but some people seem to say you need vermiculite (I don't think I've ever even seen that at Home Depot) and other things. Any thoughts would be great, thanks.

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While using plain topsoil can work just fine I would recommend at least supplementing it with compost and peat moss.

You should be able to find bags of both of them at Home Depot without much trouble. The peat moss really helps to loosen the soil and the compost will help to provide nutrients for the plants. Most people recommend an even mix of the three and that seems to work well for me.

The vermiculite also helps to lighten the soil, it's some kind of rock, and you can probably find it at Home Depot but it's not really necessary if you add the compost and peat moss.
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Saturday, January 30
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Vermiculite is quite expensive. We used a mix of topsoil, peat moss and mushroom compost
Answered by Heidi on Saturday, January 30
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I use a mixture, by volume, of 1/3 course vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 mixed varieties of matures compost. This is nice and light and holds the moisture. Try Agway to fine the vermiculite. It should be coarse, not medium, and comes in 6 c.f. bags. It should last in the soil for 10 years.
Answered by Rocky Point Jardin on Saturday, January 30
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I just used normal dirt and mixed it with some "vegetable garden soil" from my garden center and some of the plant food they sell. I've had no problem growing things in it.
Answered by Gary Logsdon on Saturday, January 30

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