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General Parsley Info

Basically, there are two main types of parsley - curly and flat leafed.

Curly parsley has a fresh, crispy taste and adds texture and color when added just before serving. This is the parsley that is the essential ingredient in the classic flavoring. Flat leafed or Italian parsley has a more delicate flat leaf pattern which does not hold up as well for garnishing. With its stronger flavor, it is more frequently used in cooking.

Short Term Parsley Storage

Snip off the bottom of the unwashed parsley stems. Fill a jar or a water glass partially with water; place the stem ends of the herbs into the water in the container. Loosely cover the jar of parsley with a plastic bag and store either in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Change the water after several days if the water starts to discolor. Fresh parsley can last up to 2 weeks or longer when stored this way.

Curly parsley holds its shape well under refrigeration; it can also be wrapped in a damp towel and placed in a plastic bag.

Parsley Long Term Storage

To freeze: remove the leaves and discard the parsley stems. Fill every ice cube cavity of an ice cube tray with the parsley leafs, then completely top off with water. Place in the freezer for 2 days; remove the parsley cubes and transfer them into a freezer ziplock bag. Store the ziplock bag in the freezer for 2 months and use as needed.
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