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When planning your garden one of the most difficult things to determine is how many plants of each vegetable to plant. We've come up with this tool to help show you the average number of plants you need to feed your family. These are just average numbers so if you really like a certain vegetable feel free to plant double or triple the amount.

To see how many plants you need to plant simply click on the name of the plant in the left column and it will be added to your list on the right. The default people to feed is 4 but you can change that to match the size of your family. You can also view recommended planting amounts for all vegetables.


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Plants Needed For 2 People

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Remove Plant 40 Bean - Bushes
Remove Plant 40 Bean - Poles
Remove Plant 20 Beets
Remove Plant 6 Broccolis
Remove Plant 6 Cabbages
Remove Plant 30 Carrots
Remove Plant 6 Cauliflowers
Remove Plant 10 Garlics
Remove Plant 4 Melons
Remove Plant 30 Onions
Remove Plant 8 Pepper - Sweets
Remove Plant 2 Pumpkins
Remove Plant 2 Squash - Summers
Remove Plant 8 Tomatoes

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These numbers do not take into account succession plantings, so if you want enough carrots to feed your family throughout the year you should plant the indicated number whenever you do a planting.

A great layout tool for all your gardening needs! You can go try a 30 Day Free Trial or read our review.